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Studio Policy

Here are a set of tikanga we follow as a whānau business. We have procedures in place to help keep us all safe and fair, for all people we have the pleasure of working with.


This is our process for all bookings and commission work


Amiria maintains all administration roles in our studio. She is the first point of contact if you wish to request an appointment or have a commission/project you would like to discuss. This is so our artists can focus 100% on their kaiwhiwhi and creative mahi.


Appointments with artists must be secured with a deposit. We don't hold bookings for unsecured bookings.


The deposits is held to secure the agreed date/s for your booking. The deposit is a percentage of the total work value requested by the recipient. The deposit goes towards the total, meaning the deposit is deducted from the total amount paid on the day of the agreed date/appointment. The deposit is non-refundable. 


The total amount for the work, minus the original deposit, is paid in full at the appointment or on the first day work commences.


In our studio we accept online bank transfer or cash. We currently don't support eftpos. Screenshots must be provided for any bank transfers, including deposits. We don't accept time payments, we advise setting up your own savings bank account for this.


Deposits are non-refundable. No refunds if you miss your appointment. We don't offer refunds for work that has already been completed. We are a whānau of 9, five are tamariki, the second our whānau starts replying to your message request, there is a cost for our time and energy. 'Lost of income opportunity' is also a factor, as secured dates in our calendar are protected with the deposit, meaning we won't offer those dates to anyone else who requests that time. Cancelling your date may also mean we have lost out on an opportunity to fill the spot.


Given enough notice or good reason, we allow for an appointment to be differed to a later agreed date/s at no additional cost. This does not apply if communication is made on the day or after the agreed start date/time.


Changes to bookings for wānanga blocks of 5+ days are treated on a case by case basis, given enough time (3 months+) to fill block.


In the event that someone decides to split up their session/s. If this hasn't been discussed prior to the date of the appointment, then a new date and deposit is required.

No Show

Not communicating or not showing up to an appointment will result in future requests for work being declined.


Showing up sick will result in cancellation. Please communicate earlier and we will be able to postpone to a later date.


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